Baitdima Jeep Accident Hunda Dui Janako Death

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Baitdima Jeep Accident Hunda Dui Janako Death


Baitdi Asar 20. Baitdi Jillama jeep accident Bhaeko chha. Accident baat dui janako death bhaeko chhane 10 jana ghaite bhaeka chhan.

From 1h 739 to number jeep itbar bihan batadiko sigas gaupalika-3 lagnama accident.

The head of the district sentinel office, the deputy superintendent, Ramesh Pale accident, Parer Sigas Gaupalika-3, 45-year-old Man Singh Savad and 64-year-old Ram Singh Dhami, were given online information about the death.

Due to accident, 4 people are in serious condition. Sigas Gaupalika 3, 18 year old Yogendra Dhami, 13 year old Lakshman Dhami, 45 year old Jaysingh Dhami and 40 year old Gaumati Saud are in critical condition. The cost of Uniharulai treatment should be told by the sentinel naib superintendent Pale to Dadeldhura hospital.

Jeep Roadboat Flagship 50m Floor Khaseko Ch.

Published on July 4, 2021 12:35 PM



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