Teekpur Versatile Kympus encroached three-bigha Jagga encroachment

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Teekpur Versatile Kympus encroached three-bigha Jagga encroachment


Tikapur Chaitra 3. -  Kailaliko Tikapur, versatile Kympus, is nominated for three hundred and forty bighas, Jaggamadhye, Ahilesam, three hundred bighas, landless Sukumbasika, namma, Atikrit Avasthama.

The Land Related Issues Commission of the Land Related Solutions, Local Tehama Process Suru Gresangai Kempsko Encroachment Pareko Jagga Subject Debate Sur Hoon Thalko. Kampusko Jagga landless Sukumbasika Namma bond work is wrong, Janaundai landless Sukumbasilai Kyampasco Jaggama Nabhai Elsewhere administration mess Ramro Hune Sarokarwala Bhanai Ch.

Chairman of the Land-related Problem Resolution Commission Far West, August Officer and Head of the Municipality of Tikapur, Tapendrabahadur Rawalle Kympusko Kehi Jagga Landless Sukumbasilai Dinuparne Dhar Rakheka Ch. Vs 2043 Asar 24 Gatedekhi muktakamayaka naamma encroachment start. Suruatma Jeet Bahadur Chaudhary led the construction of 22 Ghathara with the same person. There are four thousand 200 houses built here.

In 2042, Kampusle Jagadhni Purnja should be considered as Gareko. The committee was given the Tysaghi Nai Kympasalai 40 bigha land. Whether the jagga is encroached upon empty, the first attempt was made by the company to make it successful, but it could not be successful.

Every event of Kampuska, the encroached Jagga is empty, there is a debate, Gereko Bhayepi Tysama, the encroached Jaggama Hyundai has come due to the politicization of the Jagga empty Hunuko Sato Sukumbasiika Namma house, to break the order. Ahile pani thyun here with the inferior juga kinbech, hyundai aaye chh.

Former MP Ganga Bahadur Kunwarle Commission Chairman and City Chief Rawal, the perception was to be countered and the compilation should be made to make the Garer, not to tell the holy institution about the property. Councilor Harilal Gyavaley Kampus, who has been subjected to the tainted Jagga, has expressed his concern for political politicization.

District member of the NCP, Amale 0, Shyam Khatrile Bhavishma University Banne Dishama Aghi Badhiraheka Bela Halco Jaggasmeet Apug Huna Hunda Bhoomiheen Sukumbasilai Elsewhere, the arrangement has been changed. The Regional Chairman of the Nepali Congress, Bhubaneswar Adhikari Commission, of course, the decision of the Pareco policy, the opposite direction was mentioned, the Kunhapani Sangha organizations should make a policy on the land, the landless Sukumbasilai day, and tell the Commission what the Jagga day is going on.

City President of NCP, Maoist Center, Khadak Shahle, political bias, political issues, arrogance and landless Sukumbasi Duvalai Justice

Published on March 16, 2021 11:48 AM



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