Doadhara Chandanima Irrigation Canal Banoun Azha Almal

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Doadhara Chandanima Irrigation Canal Banoun Azha Almal

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८ Chait, Kathmadoun. Mahakaliparico Dodhara Chandni Kshetra Canal making process

2004 Pus Dosro Sata visit to India Pugka Energy Secretary Dineshkumar Ghimiresong Indian side Nepalle Tayar Gareko Dodhara Chandanima Sinchaiko Lagi canal water project canal bring DPR 2 months before the final agreement was agreed.

Yo Sammayalai Prime Minister KP Sharma Olele Public Address - Patak (important achievement for the Government of Patak)

However, it is possible to implement the agreement. It was agreed that the three-month project between Nepal and India would increase the bilateral ripples.

Seeing the time, Panchashwar was planned in India, only after the canal was built, the Adan Lyndai came.

The plan was to be built in the form of a plan made by Nepal for planning the base of the Mahakali Treaty. Scheme for construction of Dodhara Chandanima 10 cubic meters per second water canal. According to the Banbasa Bridge Najiko Sharada Naharbat, the water canal of the canal is used in India.

Irrigation planning should be done to make the project for canal construction of Guru Yojana, Guru Yojana, Pano Yojana, and now the city planning should be extended, Tari Bhiheko should tell the Director General of Irrigation Department, Madhukar Rajbhandari. "This is the only amendment to the DPRMA," he said, "Now the two countries have a necessary meeting with the water-related meeting and we have the necessary consent and the decision." Nepal India Irrigation Secretary-General and other bilateral meetings:

Yo Naharko DPR Nepalale in 2014, May Nai Tayar Garisakeko Ho. Mahakali Irrigation Scheme (Dosroka chief Ranbahadur bomb in 2014, should tell DPR that more time is necessary.

These DPRs can be extended to the Government of India by the Government of India, as well as various structures, including houses in the area of ​​Bhandai Bamle, DPR, and so on. The process of the DPR amendment should be informed about the process of the construction of the next economic year for the next economic year, but the process of the Sakinema Afuharu was optimistic.

Ahilesam DPR Nai Tungo Laginskeo plans to have Jagga Acquisition Process set by Thalani.

The irrigation is about 3 thousand 5 hectare area and the construction is done, and the planning area is 3 thousand hectare area. In other areas, water lift garbage irrigation has to be done in 5 hectare area.

As per DPR on 2014, the cost of construction of this project is 7.5 billion. It will be planned for Indian land 11 meter Miter canal.

Ahilesam so canal kasle bainne bhion chai bhaen chhaen. Yesma 5 watt tributary including 15-kilometer main canal has become a canalhar pani. Yo Nahar Banema Dodhara (Mahakali Treaty of Chandni Kshetra) to facilitate water use.

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