Employment change without change

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Employment change without change


Kathmadou - Now working in Saudi Arabia, the immigrant worker, the owner, is not allowed to change his place of employment without permission. Changes in the changes made by the Saudi government, but now there is no need for the owner to work in the private sector without the permission of the owner.
The changes in the Saudi government should be implemented in the Gareko Kafla system. You can take labor with me whether you want to come to Bella or no country. Yesbat Rozgarika, Saudima Raheka Nepaliharule Panni Gain Lin Sakne, tell me.
This system will be implemented where the migrant workers' employer or the company control should be reduced. The last Nobhembarama Kafla system of labor was made as a labor-friendly commitment. Sohi Competition BOMOGIM ITBAREDIKHO System Official formulation implemented, Saudi Sarkale Janayeko Ch.
Kafalama change will affect its impact and it should be 1 crore foreign countries. The Government of Saudi Arabia had increased its capacity, improved the working environment and made a suitable covenant. He has come to face a complete change in order to change his life. Human rights activists welcome the entire government step. As a part of the Kafla system, it is the Rashiyakale Tasalai Pani which is completely destroyed, including the insistence of the other right-wing author.
In the private sector, all the workers have been forced to change their convictions, and Saudi Arabia has implemented the Ministry of Human Resource Development. Yes Aghaiko Kafala system, Kunai Mazdurle Kama Chhadnu Parema had given permission to the employer to make arrangements. Now many willingly volunteered to work, and then they were going to change. Also, tell the employer without any permission.
Work in Yosangai's private sector Garirheka Mazduharru of the government service application application is available every day. Employer Song Gariko service agreement Abdekhi online in Rakhine, Saudi Sarkale Janaeko g. Here is the Human Resources Deputy Minister Abdullah bin Nasir Abuthunayanle Bhaneka Chhan, 'Hami Hamro Deshalai is an attractive labor market, want to work, improve the working environment and improve the environment. Stay here.

Published on March 16, 2021 13:02 PM


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