What is the interest rate of commerce bankers, the interest rates of Chait Mahin, and the banks?

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What is the interest rate of commerce bankers, the interest rates of Chait Mahin, and the banks?


Banking / Bank and Financial Institution Chait Mahinadekhi Deposits discussed about the increase in interest rate as most commercial bank lending rates remain unchanged. The effect on Kobid 19 was reduced, the atmosphere was set up, the last bank money was increased. The reason for this epidemic was the increased liquidity expansion, lowered backward interest rate and increased discussion. However, if you are in a state of high liquidity and you are not in a state of development, you will not be able to tell the state of liquidity.

Commercial Bank is completely active in public interest, new interest rate for public sector, most banks maintain old rate of interest. Bank's simple interest rate change Gareka filtering, margin, credit rating support, Gareka rate maintains poor interest rate. Only bank account to reduce the interest rate. Deposits of interest rate decrease, instant liquidity is the problem of lack of liquor. However, the last 2 months only saw the money flowing to the bank, and the deposits were increased with the help of one and a half rupees rupees. Most Banking system, 40 billion is only liquidity. With the fast liquidity opening, the interbank business will grow rapidly. Only a month is only 1 percent less expensive, the interest rate for the interbank business is about 6 percent for seroferoma. For the interbank business, the interest rate may increase as the interest rate increases, indicating that the rate of interest may increase, although it may only be considered as a factor to increase interest rate in the near future.

Interest rate fluctuations Seer Bazarlgayat important financial sector Soho effect impact. The speed of the last time in the last phase of the LINCO as a major factor, due to the high liquidity, the rate of interest rate and the rate increase in the rate of growth of the loan. At the same time, the rate of interest has increased, the market has been affected again, although the market has been affected by the political change. Yasarth, Yativela interest rate, second market owner, Chasoko center along with other businessmen and general public should be established.

What rate of interest to Kun Bank?
NIC Asia
NIC Asia Bankley base rate of 9.49%, simple deposit, see 2.1, 3.5% and issue cost 4.10% interest rate. Bankale old interest rate should be maintained.

Himalayan Bank
Himalayan Bankle Chait Mahinaka to reduce the interest rate for the time being. The bank saw 7 percent, with the bank remaining 4 percent, the bank's interest rate at 3.5 percent, while the rate at 7.5 percent was Jareko. Other banks just look at 3% of the interest rate of the account. Himalayan Bankley Pus Mahinaci Aadhar Rate of 4.83 Percentage is constant.

Intended bank
Public Banking Charity Monthly Charity Monthly Charity Monthly Base Rate 6.08 Percent. The maturity of the time over time is 7.5% to 7% of the interest rate, with Gareco Bank lending ordinary savings as 2% to pay 4% interest.

Nepal SBI Bank
Nepal SBI Bank has maintained a base rate of 6.80%, simple deposit is 2% and Mudastima 4.75%, 6.75% interest rate.

Standard Chartered Bank
Standard Chartered Bankley Chait Mahinco Interest Rate Public Pus Mahinaka Aadhar rate was kept at 6.04 per cent. The maturity of the time over time is 7.5% to 7% of the interest rate, with Gareco Bank lending ordinary savings as 2% to pay 4% interest.

Century Bank
Sanctuary Bankley base rate of 9.49 percent, simple deposit 2.65%, 7.75% interest rate, while in case of interest, 5.50%, 6.50%;

NMB Bank
NMB Bankley base rate of 7.11 percent was maintained. Ordinary deposit of 3.1 see 5.1 percent interest rate.

Nepal Investment Bank
Nepal Incident Bank has base rate of 9.19%, simple deposit is 2% and above average, 6% interest rate is given.

Sanima Bank
Sanima Bankale Aadhaar rate was maintained at 6.7 per cent, see simple deposit 2 per cent. The interest rate on the bank account was 5.5%, while the rate was 6.5%.

Nabil Bank
Nabil Bankle Aadhaar rate was set at 5.57%, simple deposit was 2.51%, 7.51% and for the last time was 6.01, it was 6.51% interest rate.

Citizen Bank International Limited
Citizen Bank maintained a base rate of 7.75%, giving simple deposit of 2% and above 7.5% of interest.

Prime Commercial Bank
The Prime Commercial Bank has a base rate of 7.75%, with simple deposit of 2.5%, 7.5% and issue of 5% of interest rate of 6.75%.

Sunrise Bank
Sunrise Bank has a base rate of 4.12%, simple deposit is 2.5%, giving 6% interest. Bankley 6 percent toke interest rate over time.

Mega Bank
Mega Banklay Aadhaar Rate 4.97 Percentage Normal Deposits 1.5, 5.5 Percent Per Day, Per Usage Account Costs Percentage 7.5 Percentage 7.25 Percentage Rate 4.25 Percentage

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